10 Minecraft Villager Trading Hall Designs

In today’s Minecraft 1.16 Java video i’m going to show you How to Build 10 awesome Minecraft Villager Trading Halls that are perfect for Minecraft Survival. These trading halls are simple and easy to build and can be easily expandable. These Minecraft Villager Trading Halls are best when placed underground or inside a pre made structure!!!

Let me know if you’d like to see more Villager Trading Halls in the future!!!

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Hey!!! Thanks for watching!!! Which trading hall design was your favorite?!!? 😀


thank you for the inspiration, I can't pick which one I like the best! I love them all! I would use a different style hall for each profession…

Silver Valkyrie

Abhsbs yos! I have an idea take the one side of the wall and curve it and place it into the face of a hill/mountain/cliff, with a walkway past it. I think it could look like that as well!

This Tutorial is Actually good one. I can think of if I can make it bigger or smaller.
But it got me to 1 Question.. I can build this in underground if I want to right?

Bhavya Modi

Yo the Jungle theme looks so cool


To get all this things in one vid . I want to call u big bro


this is my favorite 6:48


Does this also work in bedrock?

Vala Red

I love these!! I never get tired of how you always make the functional things in Minecraft into something beautiful. Definitely would love to see some above ground trading halls as well!

נח גרוסמן

they're literally the same pattern yet you've managed to give a unique feel, aesthetic to each one… that's awesone. they all look so good!

Abhishek Rane

What is the probability if villagers geeting link to those barrels😂😂

Abhishek Rane

Tysm for the design

Thomas P.

My favorite is the Nether/ black stone trading hall.


My favorite one was the 4th one (the jungle themed one)…it makes me feel comfy and its so cozy and aesthetic i love it Sausage!! Keep it up!!..

Nathan King

What’s the “line of sight” for between villagers. Thanks.


On the first one what’s a replacement for the leaves


I don't understand how you pulled off the block pallette of the one at 12:38


2:43 his eyes 👀

KatGirl Kitto

These designs are so useful, especially because I am near a village! These designs are so neat and decorated.


13:32 for me dw about it

Andrew Clack

Hey Sausage!!! This was an amazing video! As soon as I saw the jungle/overgrown trading hall, I got onto my survival world ( in a jungle) and started building a slightly altered version. Keep up the great work!!!!!

Lauren Natasha

Love your builds man! I'm looking for a couple people to come build with me.. Could anyone recommend a server to join..?


I am a huge fan of the dark oak. I love them all. The jungle would be my fav but I don’t like the ceiling / roof. ☁️ good thing I can twist if it I wanted zzz 💙💙💙

Gfran Gareeb

غب غق غعقفظ٧ظغ٧


My indonesia
Bang buat tutorial bangunan farm wool tutorial

Ricardo Figueredo Filho

Eu vim pelo felipe neto

Thies Wolda

i really love and needed this video but why does it have the tag hardcore


i love these ! 🙂

Theo Roth

I feel like I betrayed sausage I used to watch every video the day he posted but I haven’t been watching him as much

Snapzyy •

great timing mister 🙂

Kobe Verleene

Where is the iron farm tutorial?


I like your structures very much🥺 Can you make a video of decorating for the garden?

Jayden Alexzander

The second one and well done


sausage can read your mind eveybody! Sausage you coms in so clutch for my survival world! tysm

clash of clans XD

the song is so good when your building so gooooooddddd


I would personally really like seeing some above ground versions as well.