Brawlhalla – Intense 2D Fighting Game

Download Brawhalla to queue ranked matches, or create custom rooms with other players. Battle for victory and glory in Valhalla. Play any way you want, however you want, whether online or offline. Become a legend and pick between casual or competitive matches that test your skills. Unleash signature moves, outstanding weapon combinations and various playstyles!

Information About the Game


Brawlhalla is a Cooperative multiplayer fighting game that is played in 2D. Blue Mammoth Games developed this game, and it was published by Ubisoft. This game is currently available across different platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

It is important to note that the release of the game was at a different time for each of the aforementioned platforms. The game was released in 2017 for macOS, Windows, and PlayStation. It was then released in 2018 for Nintendo Switch and Xbox. The Android and iOS versions of the game were released in 2020.

This game is a top pick for people who want a game with a full cross-play on different platforms. Another thing to note is that prior to the release of the game, it was first revealed at PAX East. This was in April 2014, before it went alpha in the same month. Also, the open beta version of the game was made available in 2015.

Brawlhalla has about 50 characters known as Legends. What’s amazing about this feature is that there are several crossover skins. Ubisoft acquired Blue Mammoth Games in 2018, and it was after this that Rayman was added to the characters.

The main factor that has led to the popularity of this game is the cross-play ability it offers. This allows players on different platforms to queue and play against each other. Therefore, players on Nintendo Switch, Android, PC, Xbox One, iOS, and PlayStation can play against each other. It is worth mentioning that this is possible through custom lobbies or via online ranked play.


Interesting Gameplay

All the game modes of Brawlhalla have a common goal for players to achieve. This goal involves knocking off an opponent from the stage. Brawlhalla offers a gameplay that’s similar to Super Smash Bros.

To achieve this, players must repeatedly damage their opponents. Beside the character icon of opponents is the bar for damage. This will help to show the amount of damage received by your opponent. It is important to note that the color of the damage bar changes from white to red, and then black.

Knocking an opponent out remains of utmost importance in this game. Another thing to note is that your opponent will also try to knock you off. A life is lost when a player gets knocked off. A winner is determined either by the player with more points or the last player standing.

Brawlhalla offers players with huge playing flexibility. It supports both online and local play, which is just amazing. Also, players can either climb rankings or compete in PvP battles. The game also offers players with duos, which will help in increasing collaborative ranks.

There are so many amazing things about this game, including the fact that it offers many casual modes. This includes the 1v1 Strikeout, Free-for-all, and Experimental 1v1. Each of these casual modes has something unique to offer.

In the 1v1 Strikeout, 3 characters will compete for stock each. The Free-for-all, on the other hand, is chaotic. It involves four players playing to gain points by knocking each other. Testing upcoming features against other players is possible in the Experimental 1v1 mode. In the custom games, up to 8 players can play in a match, and this can be hosted locally or online.


You’ll enjoy Brawlhalla if you are looking for simple controls and special moves with a single button. With this, new players can easily adapt to the gameplay and controls. The controls are straightforward and easy to understand. All that’s required include movement, attacking, picking or throwing weapons, and special moves.

This game has unique gameplay for a 2D game. During the game, weapons and other gadgets are dropped from the sky. These items can be picked by players to enhance their fight. It is important to note that the weapon changes to suit the legend that picks it.

There are 13 weapons, and each character can use 2 of these to fight other characters. The weapons include katars, blasters, swords, cannons, spears, hammers, axes, rocket lances, gauntlets, magic orbs, bow, greatswords, and scythes.

Gauntlets and katars perform better at closer distances, whereas lances, bows, blasters, and spears are effective at a distance. The weapon of choice for carrying out huge damage include cannons, hammers, greatswords, and axes. Quick traversal is possible with Rocket lance. For low but fast damaging, scythes, orbs, and swords perform better than the others.


It is important to note that there are other weapons like spike balls, mines, and bombs. Enemies will find it difficult to move or get back to the stage when you throw weapons at them. There are three signature moves per weapon used by each character. This is a total of 6 signature move for every character.

There are four different stats for every character. This includes speed, defense, dexterity, and strength. The weakness and strength of each character are determined by a combination of these stats. It is important to note that this plays a significant role in the way each character is played.

There are several other interesting things about the gameplay of this game. Download the game now to be a part of this intense battle.



As shown above, there’s so much to behold in this game. Its gameplay is interesting and enhanced with so many amazing features. You can start enjoying these features when you start playing the game. Download Brawlhalla to enjoy the intense battle and emerge victorious.