Clubhouse explained (full app walkthrough)

Elon Musk uses Clubhouse. Kanye’s on Clubhouse. Oprah, too. But what the heck is Clubhouse, and how do you use it? We’ve got all the details, including an …

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Rich V

Cereal is definitely not soup, more like a stew.


Twitbook with extra steps. I bet this won’t survive until the end of the year.

Alex A

How long until LinkedIn purchases this app?

A Silent Koala

Thanks for digesting this info about the Clubhouse app for us Ashley!

shriram ganesan

More apps, more useless discussions n outrage,

Serge at X3EM

Cmon, you can't talk to celebrities. They will talk, you – listen.

Andu Sandu

Hard to concentrate on video I am in being hypnotised by Ashley's eyes


I enjoyed listening to Elon Musk in there few days ago, but now that he is not there anymore .. it's a pretty much boring app.


Its marketers talking to marketers and you listening. 😅

Hisham Daneth

You talk about it like it's something new, do people never heard of paltalk?

Kevin Sheppard

I've reached the stage where I have to have an internet video explain an app to me.

Jeff vd Veen

Okay next app please…. 💩

To Be Human

Great, now I can duplicate the work meetings that I hate with my friends.

Subhrojeet Saha

So basically discord ?

James Grosser

Why would any "A Lister" allow a random person with a "raised hand" to speak? This sounds like eavesdropping on someone's conference call.


This would be good for Wallstreet bets lmao


I don't really get it. What's so bad about listening to curated podcasts that ain't live that we needed a live app with trolls, which will probably be in the news for all the wrong reasons (people who lost it, inciting a mob to storm the Capitol…)?

Nemo Ciau


Tony Wang

Welcome 2008.

Mohammed Khaled

Sounds corny place for woke people


How’s it going to make money?? Other wise it’ll just shut down like Vine…


this is a very useful overview.. dont think i'll be using it when it comes to android unless it changes

Cip Rodriguez

Clubhouse might make me buy my first Iphone ever? Who wants me to ditch the droid?


Please can someone be shine and invite me ?

Francisco Alcaraz

Discord for shallow people that consider themselves too cool for Discord

Tanweer Alam

Sorry to say..when it will be popular..there's very high chance Trolls will offense a lot of people with foul languages u or anyone definitely don't wanna hear😂😂😂

Darryl King

Someone give me an invite!

tan Jin

You forgot to name kyane west


I need an invite



James G

I can't wait to not realize I'm being sold a timeshare.

Duno Da Ting

Someone give me an invite!!!!

Musa Jabathere 2

Looking for a invites to join clubhouse

Broker 205

So Zuckerberg is already working on a competitive alternative? 🙄
Does he ever actually CREATE anything, or just R&D? (Rip-off and duplicate) I will say this, he’s consistent. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Daniel Adade

So it is MS Teams for the public.

Majed Aleisa

So it's Paltalk from the 90s🤣

Majed Aleisa

So it's Paltalk from the 90s🤣

Let’s connect @carloscastbet 💪🏻🔥

Richard A.

So it's basically rebranded discord.

Chris Hoyos

It sounds pretty nice. Hope it will come fast to android.

Black Awareness

Is this app only on IOS?

Asif Azam

Take that android sucker 🤣

Theis Pedersen

I head about the UK competitor stereo fist but it look like it's more for youtubers


Is that Aba from aba and preach???

Jean Alexander

I don't quite understand what makes clubhouse so different from other social platforms where you can talk about and to other people