DJI Android App Won't Open – How to Fix

How to resolve DJI app not opening in Android. Illustrates as of April 2022 how some DJI apps are missing from Google Playstore while others fail to run after the Android phone updates.

Link to download App APKs
Must follow link from phone or tablet.

This video may assist with issues for the following DJI applications:
DJI Store, DJI Fly, DJI Mimo, DJI Ronin, DJI Pilot,
DJI Pilot PE, DJI Go 4, DJI Go, DJI Ronin Assistant,
RoboMaster, Tello App, & Tello EDU App.

I had issues with the following applications either not running after an Android update or not being present in Google Play store for download.
DJI Fly app, DJI Ronin app, DJI Mimo, & DJI Mimo app

If this video does not resolve issue:
– If application was installed previously perhaps remove application first, then attempt install.
– If you can’t launch the DJI APK after download: If application was installed previously remove it. Then See 3:50 mark of video to install CX File Explorer, give CX File Explorer permissions in setting of phone o access files, and use CX file Explorer it to install the DJI APK. If this does not work I am not sure what issue is on your specific phone and without access to the phone I will not be able to isolate if there is an alternate way to make app run on your phone.

0:00 Overview
1:05 DJI applications I use
1:32 Application Issues
2:58 Resolution Method 1
3:38 Resolution Method 2

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