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Here's what you need to know about Gamestop Trade In, it's value and how you can earn more credit or cash easily... If you ’ rhenium anything like me you ’ ve probably accumulated quite a lot of games over the years. Whether it was Mario on the SNES, GTA San Andreas on the PlayStation, or Skyrim on the Xbox One, wherever you started out with gaming it ’ s likely that you ’ ve built up quite the solicitation of games and consoles. That ’ s why Gamestop ’ second Trade In platform is sol big. With it you can make money from your honest-to-god games and your previous gambling consoles.

This means that once you stop playing a game, you don ’ thymine equitable have to leave it gathering dust in your home. No, you can dust off your games, sell them and declutter your sign of the zodiac while making a profit. And, when another console comes out you don ’ t have to feel indeed guilty about casting your stream and absolutely functional console table away for a bright fresh one .
Below, we ’ ll lease you know how Gamestop Trade In works and how you can get more money from your games .

What is Gamestop Trade In?

It ’ second basically a program where you can bring in your old stuff and get credit for it, screen of like Amazon Trade In program .
You can then use your accredit to buy stuff that you actually want .
sol you might have Red Dead Redemption but you want red Dead Redemption 2 .
merely take bolshevik dead Redemption into Gamestop and trade it for credit. then you can use that credit to buy the second installment in the serial .
That ’ s how it works in a nutshell .
Below, we ’ ll review Gamestop Trade In, go into a short more detail about the program and give you a few tips to earn more citation deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .

How Gamestop Trade In Works

The plan is reasonably elementary .
here ’ s a step by footprint guide to how it works : Advertisements

1. Bring Your Stuff to Gamestop

first, you need to bring your undesirable stuff to your closest Gamestop storehouse .
Wondering, “ where can I find a Gamestop near me ? ”
well barely visit this page and you ’ ll be able to find your nearest shop .
once you ’ ve located your store, gather up your undesirable stuff and bring it in .

What can you trade in Gamestop?

You can bring in lots of different game related and technical school items, including :

  • Games: Whether it’s Minecraft or Gears of War or games for the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360, you can trade pretty much any game at Gamestop.
  • Gaming consoles: You can trade in a whole host of consoles from the Nintendo Switch to the Xbox One.
  • Phones and Tablets: The program’s not just for games and consoles. You can trade in other devices – whether it’s your old iPhone or Samsung.
  • Accessories: Tech accessories can also be traded for credit.

2. Get Your Stuff Appraised

At the store, an employee will give you a quote for your stuff. It ’ s significant in the shell of things like phones and early devices that you charge them before bringing them to the storehouse .
besides, make certain you take any cords, power chargers, and any other related accessories with you for the stuff you plan to trade .

3. Get Cash or Trade Credit

If you like the quotation mark you get, you can accept it. You can get cash and credit .
While cash is useful because you can spend it anywhere, accredit is by and large the better choice. This is because credit offers tend to have a higher prize than cash ones do .

How much money can you get?

well, this depends on what it is that you are trading and what condition your stuff is in .
obviously, newer games and consoles tend to bring in more cash .
handily adequate, there ’ s a tool on the Gamestop web site that you can use to determine the measure of the stuff you want to trade .
This is a dependable begin bespeak as it saves you going into the shop and wasting your time with stuff that doesn ’ t have much respect .
I had a look at some estimates from Gamestop for games, consoles, and devices barely to give you some examples of what you could get :

  • Grand Theft Auto 5: Customers get $8 Trade Credit Value and $6.40 cash value.
  • 500GB Xbox One Console with Original Controller: Customers get $70 trade credit value and $56 cash value.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 for PlayStation 4: Customers get $10 in trade credit and $8 in cash.
  • Wii System with Remote Plus for Nintendo Wii: Customers get $20 in trade credit and $16 cash value.
  • Call of Duty WWII PlayStation 4: Customers can get $1.50 trade in credit and $1.20 in cash.

Gamestop besides features a list of specific trade in offers on its web site .
These are great because you can actually get an idea of the type of cash or credit that you could get .
At the time of write, here are a few examples of the offers that were available :

  • Get $250 toward the purchase of a switch when you trade a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X.
  • 20% extra credit when you trade toward Mario Maker 2.
  • Get up to $500 trade credit for your smartphone.

Tips for Getting More Gamestop Credit or Cash

now that you know how Gamestop Trade In works, we ’ ra going to give you some tips on how to get the most money out of your stuff .
After all, you want to make certain that you get the best deal for everything that you trade .
here are our crown tips for making more money on trade-ins .

1. Become a Member of the PowerUp Rewards Program

Being a member of PowerUp Rewards is a must do !
You can join the rewards plan here .
When you sign up, you are a Player Member .
And you get benefits, like:

  • 10 points for every dollar that you spend on all new games, accessories, consoles, collectibles, and tech.
  • 10 points for every dollar that you spend on pre-owned games, accessories, consoles, and tech.
  • And you can also get extra points for taking surveys and watching videos.

so this means that you ’ ra getting extra points to spend on future purchases at the storehouse .
Great right ?
But it gets well if you become a pro Member .

2. Become a Pro Member

This is our biggest topple if you have a set of thrust to sell and plan to trade with Gamestop much .
pro members of the PowerUp Rewards program actually get more money on trade-ins .
professional members tend to get higher trade credit value and cash respect than regular members do .
For example as a regular member, you ’ vitamin d get $ 8 in trade in credit and $ 6.40 in cash for GTA 5 for Xbox One, as we mentioned above .
But if you ’ re a professional member you would get $ 8.80 in credit and $ 7.04 in cash .
With Red Dead Redemption 2 we mentioned above that unconstipated members get $ 10 in trade recognition value and $ 8 in cash value.

But Pro members get $ 11 in credit and $ 8.80 in cash .
now that might not seem like much but if you had ten games like that you ’ five hundred make quite a batch more as a Pro Member .
besides, being a Pro Member gets you evening more benefits than being a Player member .
You earn more points, such as :

  • 20 points for every dollar that you spend on all new games, accessories, consoles, collectibles, and tech.
  • 20 points for every dollar that you spend on pre-owned games, accessories, consoles, and tech.
  • 20 points per dollar traded.
  • Get extra points for taking surveys and watching videos.

The only thing is that a Pro Membership costs $ 14.99 a year. But if you plan to trade in stuff often at Gamestop then it ’ randomness surely worth the cost .

3. Keep Your Stuff in Good Condition

Gamestop international relations and security network ’ metric ton going to take games that are scratched and don ’ metric ton workplace. sol if you plan to trade in games frequently make indisputable you keep them in big condition .
Don ’ thymine be lazy and put your games away when you take them out of the console – I ’ molarity bad for doing that ! But if you make it a habit to put your games off and take good care of them then you ’ ll make more money !

4. Trade in at the Right Time

Unless you need quick cash you might want to consider waiting for the best time to sell your stuff .
Remember those offers we mentioned above ?
well, those can truly boost the cash or credit that you get back for your stuff .
imagine trading in your solicitation of old Xbox One games, merely for this offer to appear the follow week :

  • Get $5 bonus trade credit on any Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch games

You ’ d be kicking yourself good ?
If you had just waited an extra week, you ’ d have that $ 5 bonus trade credit right in your pocket !
so our advice would be to check those offers frequently because one might come up that is perfect for the thrust that you plan to trade in .
besides, you could wait years until your thrust is so old that it ’ randomness considered retro and people are bequeath to pay for it again !

5. Go for the Credit Rather than the Cash

You will need to go with credit preferably than cash if you want to get the most money for your material .
This is because GS pays out more if you take recognition .
If you are looking for agile cash then obviously credit might not be for you .

6. If You Need Cash Consider Trading Credit for a Gift Card

There are some reports of people accepting credit rating for their stuff and then using that citation to buy a gift calling card from GS .
now, GS doesn ’ triiodothyronine merely offer give cards for its own memory. It does offer them for lots of different brands and retailers .
But, GS is now stricter on what endow cards their customers can purchase using credit .
Some people used to use their credit rating to get Amazon or Visa endowment cards .
But it appears you can no long do this .
There are still, however, plenty of endowment cards that you can buy with credit. so have a browse of the list hera to see what ’ s available .
If you want to get that respect from your farce by accepting credit but don ’ thyroxine want to buy anything at GS then exchanging your credit for a giving card for another stigmatize is such a full theme .
You basically get dislodge cash to spend .

7. Consider Selling the Gift Card Instead

If you actually want cash from trading stuff at GS, then here ’ s how to do it :

  • Step One: Trade in your old stuff for credit.
  • Step Two: Use your credit to purchase a gift card.
  • Step Three: Sell the gift card for cash.

You can actually sell endowment cards online for cash .
This is such a capital way to get money from your old games, consoles, and devices .
Yes, it ’ s a short longwinded. But you get the best of both worlds .
not only do you get more money from GS because you took the trade credit offer, rather than the cash, but you still end up with cash in the end anyhow .
A few places where you can sell unwanted give cards include :
now, it ’ sulfur important to note that on these platforms, people are looking to buy dismiss endowment cards .
indeed if they want a $ 100 Applebee ’ s endow circuit board, for example, then they will be looking for offers like, pay $ 98 for a $ 100 value calling card .
This means that if you have a endowment card to sell you won ’ triiodothyronine get the broad total for it .
evening sol, the sum you get back from the batting order in cash will probably be higher than the cash propose you receive from GS .
One of our main tips for doing this is to take a look at sites like Raise and Gift Card Granny to see which cards are in demand and seem to have the most value .
If you notice that cards for one retailer are selling for 50 % off, then avoid that .
On the early hand, if you notice a calling card for another retailer tends to sell for equitable 2 % off travel with that .
Look to see which cards have the best marketplace value and then use your GS craft credit to purchase that particular endow card .

Try Gamestop Alternatives

Gamestop trade-in international relations and security network ’ t your alone option and locate to for selling your old stuff .
It can be a good mind to check on other platforms, like Decluttr and Letgo, for exemplar, to see if you could get a better cover for your stuff .
For exercise, if you have a imitate of Call of Duty to sell check the price you ’ d catch for trade or selling it on Gamestop and then compare it to prices offered by Decluttr and to list prices on platforms like eBay and Letgo .
You might find that you could get a better conduct on other platforms .

Is Gamestop Trade In Worth It?

Yes, it 100 % is !
As you can see, Gamestop Trade In is a great program for anyone who ’ sulfur looking to make some cash out of their old games and consoles .
immediately, it ’ s surely not your entirely choice as we mentioned above.

The program is then simpleton though that it ’ s decidedly worth giving it a move .
And if you join the PowerUp Rewards plan you ’ ll get even more benefits .
Let us know in the comments section below about your experiences with Gamestop Trade In .

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