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HP 15″ Laptop (15z-ef100) Review


The HP 15z-ef100 Laptop rates good for your on-the-go calculator needs with a firm central processing unit, micro-edge bezel display, and durable battery life.

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These are some common questions that arise when consumers are shopping for computers .

Why is the HP 15″ Laptop (15z-ef100) worth it?

The HP 15z-ef100 laptop defines the convenience of a basic laptop calculator. A mighty AMD Athalon™ Gold 3150 U central processing unit gives you reliable performance for streaming, surfing, typing, and early calculator tasks without any travel rapidly issues. meanwhile, a large 15.6 ” HD riddle with a 6.5 millimeter micro-edge bezel display allows for an enjoyable entertainment experience. This laptop is the ideal choice for a low-dollar computer that offers premium timbre. Accomplish all your everyday calculator needs with rest. aside from quick action and ample display, other commodious perks include an HD TrueVision HD camera, integrated dual-array integrated mic, backlit numeral computer keyboard, and radio receiver Bluetooth connectivity .

What is the difference between the HP 15″ Laptop (15z-ef100) and competitors?

The full-bodied action office of the HP 15z-ef100 laptop makes this an excellent choice for on-the-go professionals and casual computer users alike. With the AMD Gold Athalon processor and AMD Radeon™ graphics processor, you get impressive speed for a laptop of this price. The five-hour battery life with HP Fast Charge engineering ( approximately 50 % in 45 minutes ) makes it a achiever for those who want to put in a full workday on the computer, stay connected all day, or just binge out on their darling television receiver shows. The HP 15 has an attractive plan that ’ sulfur built to travel. You can purchase it in respective colors for a custom look. At only 3.5 pounds in weight, it ’ randomness light and slimmer than other laptops of its size and exponent. Though this laptop has a big 15.6 ” screen, it ’ mho pleasantly streamlined and compact thanks to the bezel design, making it easy to carry around. And it has all of the ports you need, no dongle required .

Is HP 15″ Laptop (15z-ef100) the best of all computers?

If you don ’ t want to spend a bunch of money but need a computer that performs with the best of them, the HP 15z-ef100 laptop is a wise choice. It meets the needs of anyone who does a lot of bring on the calculator because of its generous 8 GB RAM. It ’ south besides big for storing many photos, videos, and documents, thanks to the 1 TB traditional hard drive and 128 GB SSD storage. A 1366 adam 768 resolution gives you a high-quality HD trope on a near-borderless display. If you ’ ra looking at a screen for many hours a day, you ’ ll appreciate the extra screen outer space the micro-edge bezel display affords. This HP 15 is besides excellent if you like to watch movies or videos on your laptop. The large 15.6 ” screen allows for a more enjoyable viewing have and makes working with multiple windows easier .

Final Thoughts

If you ’ re not concerned about bells and whistles but just want a good, reliable calculator, you won ’ metric ton be disappointed with the HP 15z-ef100 laptop. The generous HD screen size, ultra-fast action to handle clayey workloads, and streamlined design make this a laptop computer that will meet and exceed any of your performance expectations .

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