LG Ultrawide Gaming Monitor | G-Sync 166Hz (LG 34UC89G) WOW! An ultrawide gaming monitor with impressive specs! G-Sync and 166Hz refresh rate, 2560 x 1080p IPS panel. Great work LG! ►LGUC89G: ►LGUC79G: LG UltraWide Monitor 34UC89G : ————————————————– ♦Full... December 14, 2020
Is This 144Hz Gaming Monitor Any Good? – ViewSonic XG The ViewSonic XG2402 seems like an awesome gaming monitor with great specs, but is it any good? Viewsonic XG: *Video is sponsored by ViewSonic* Posts are compiled by CMC distribution... December 14, 2020
Crazy New Monitors, Laptop, Projector from LG Taking a look at LG’s new gaming and productivity monitors as well as a quick look at the new gram lineup and Cinebeam 4K UHD Projector! ►Giving away this PC... December 14, 2020
MSI has cool new Monitors! Taking a look at a beautiful all white 5K Ultrawide Monitor and their new Ultrawide Curved Gaming monitor. MSI has also launched a new Trident X Plus Gaming pc! Check... December 14, 2020
Gaming on a 65 Inch Monitor! – OMEN X EMPERIUM 4K Gaming on the 65″ OMEN by HP Emperium 4k Gaming Monitor. This thing is NUTS! ►Check it out here: Posts are compiled by CMC distribution English | Categories general, comparison,... December 14, 2020
LG’s new monitors are insane! LG unveiled several monitors from gaming to productivity at CES 2020! LG UltraGear 27GN950: LG UltraWide 38WN95C: LG UltraFine Display Ergo 32UN880: LG gram 17: #LGUltraGear #LgUltrawide #LgUltraFine #LGUltraFine #38GN950... December 14, 2020
Best Monitors Under $110 Review of the Best Budget Monitors for gaming and productivity under $110. ►Best 144Hz Gaming Monitors under $200: ►Windows 10 Key for $13: 20% off code: TS20 —————————————————— ►US Links◄... December 14, 2020
First time gaming on a 240Hz monitor! – LG 27GN750 Review Gaming on the LG 240Hz 1ms IPS Monitor for the first time! ► (US) : ► $13 Windows 10 CD Key: 20% off code: TS20 #UltraGear #27GN750 #IPS1ms #240Hz #NanoIPS... December 14, 2020
Its time to upgrade your monitor! + Giveaway Enter the MSI contest for a chance to win 1 of 5 OPTIX Gaming Monitors! Campaign link: Tester program form: *This video is sponsored by MSI* Posts are compiled by... December 14, 2020
Can a NOOB tell the difference between a 75Hz and a 60Hz PC gaming monitor? #pcgaming #75hzvs60Hz #bestmonitor Considering that there are many budget PC gaming monitor options that list 75Hz as a selling point, I thought I would see if a noob could tell... December 12, 2020
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