Surgeon Simulator – Enjoy Realistic Surgical Simulation

Download Surgeon Simulator to become a surgeon by using different surgical tools to perform operations. Prepare for some crazy operations and procedures. Time is of the essence some minor to sever cases, these people need your help. The life of a surgeon is one of life or death within the palms of your hands. So, get out there and save the lives of thousands of helpless patients.

An Overview of the Game


Surgeon Simulator was initially known as Surgeon Simulator 2013. This is a surgical and simulation video game that was developed in Bossa Studios. Surgeon Simulator was developed by Jack Good, James Broadley, Luke Williams, and Tom Jackson. It was also published at Bossa Studios.

This game is available in only single-player modes. It is important to note that it took only 48 hours to create the initial version of the game. However, the creatures made use of 48 days in creating the full version of the game.

Surgeon Simulator is currently available on different devices, including OS X, iOS, Linux, Windows, Android, PlayStation, and Nintendo. The first release of the full version was in 2013 through Steam. It was later released in 2014 for other mobile devices.

In this game, the protagonist is Nigel Burke, who is a surgeon. This surgeon will be given a placement in a fictional hospital located in the United Kingdom. He will be involved in different surgeries in the hospital.


The first of these operations will be on a patient named Bob. He will later carry out an operation on Bob in a space station. An alien race will then contact this surgeon via VHS tape, where he will operate on an alien. This will earn him the title of the Best Surgeon in the entire Universe.

Surgeon Simulator 2013, which was the initial version of the game, was created within 48 hours. This creation was for the Global Game Jam. It is worth mentioning that the team got some inspiration from the Jurassic Park: Trespasser game. This brought about the control scheme of the game.

Amazing Gameplay

This is one of the most amazing games you’d ever play. It’d make you assume the position of a surgeon without possessing a university degree. Also, the game is played from a first-person perspective. One of the amazing things about the game is that it offers easy and straightforward controls.

The gameplay of this game is simple but amazing. All that is required is for a player to attempt to complete different surgical procedures. For example, performing an appendicectomy, or a heart transplant.

It is important to note that there are different extra modes that become available after completing an early operation. For example, completing an operation in a moving ambulance with the surgical instruments bouncing randomly. Another example is performing surgery in a zero-gravity environment where all the instruments float freely.


The game also offered a paid downloadable content and three free downloadable content after the first release. Also, the first release features an operation on a Team Fortress 2 character. The operation on an alien was in the second release of the game.

In 2016, the third was released, and this was called Inside Donald Trump. In this version, a heart transplant will be performed on Donald Trump, who was a presidential candidate. To mark an anniversary in 2014, eye and teeth transplants were added to the game. Other features were also added to the game.

Achievements and Trophy List

There are different achievements and trophies to win in this amazing game. It is important to note that there are different categories of trophies to win. This includes Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Bronze. Here is a list of some of these trophies and achievements:

- Kali Mah!: This is gotten when a player performs a heart transplant in less than a minute. The player will win a bronze.

- Living without a brain: To win this, a player must perform a brain transplant in less than 30 seconds. This is also a bronze trophy.

- Don’t blink: Player must perform an eye transplant in less than two minutes and thirty seconds to win a bronze trophy.

- Life is short: You’ll perform a heart transplant in less than one minute and forty seconds. This must be done in an ambulance, and the player will win a bronze trophy.


- Brainstorm: Also requires performing a brain transplant in less than 30 seconds. However, this will be done in an ambulance, and the player will win a bronze title upon successful completion.

- Healthy Gum: You’ll perform a teeth transplant and ensure that you lose nothing more than 800ml of blood to win bronze.

- Nothing is Impossible: You will earn a silver trophy if you perform a surgical procedure under stringent conditions. For example, completing an operation after being electrocuted and drugged. Doing this successfully will earn you a silver trophy.

- Become the Best Global Surgeon: You’ll earn a Gold trophy after getting an A++ rating on every procedure.

- Only Skull: A gold trophy is earned after completing brain transplant mainly by throwing it the brain in.

- Get Filthy: When you perform a spoon flip at 180 degrees, you will win a gold trophy.

- Nothing more to learn: This the ultimate of it all. You’ll earn platinum upon completing every trophy in the game. All you can do now is to save more lives.


It is important to note that there are several other trophies in the game. With these trophies, you’ll become more experienced and well known in every part of the world.

Where to Get the Game

Surgeon Simulator is undoubtedly an amazing game, and it offers a different type of gaming experience. You’ll become a surgeon and save different lives, including that of aliens in this game. Download the game on your devices now to experience this.


Download Surgeon Simulator now via these links and start playing to become the Best Surgeon in the Entire Universe.