The Lord’s Prayer: (2/6) ‘Hallowed be your name’

Probably the most well-known section of the Bible in the world is the Lord’s prayer…but what on earth does it mean when someone says it? When you look into it, it is full of fascinating nuances and principles that God has for us.

As well as making videos about photography, as part of my studies to become a vicar I do a lot of Christian video work. This was a project my friend Will wanted to work on – we spent a whole day traveling around south Wales, getting some old friends just to talk to us about the Lord’s prayer. It was great!

This video features Tom Clewer.
I’ll be putting the completed videos out over the next few weeks, alongside the usual photography videos. If these kind of videos are not quite your cup of tea – you don’t have to watch them.

Featured speakers in order:
Will Gibbons (Wigan (Church of England))
Tom Clewer (Porthcawl)
Jeremy Bevan (Abergavenny)
Steven Bunting (Swansea)
Christopher Frost (Cardiff)
Ben Read (Abergwili)

Original music by Richard Jensen (

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