How To OPEN & REMOVE the Side Battery Door | GoPro 10 & 9

This tutorial shows you how to remove the side battery door on your GoPro Hero 10, or Hero 9 Black. (And put it back on)
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On the HERO 10 and 9 Black, the side door needs to be taken off to connect to the Media Mod and sometimes when connecting to external power.
You can also remove the side door to replace it with a new one if your battery door is corroded.
If you want to change the side door to use the HERO10 and HERO9 Pass-Through Door, you will also need to remove the solid battery door first.
This also works for the GoPro Hero 8.

__________________ THIS VIDEO INCLUDES ____________________
Opening The GoPro 10/9/8 Side Battery Door
Removing the Side Door
Reattaching the Side Door
Accessories that require the side door to be removed

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